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Lined brake shoes and Maxi Kits bring convenience and control

SILATEX lined shoes provide reliable rear-wheel braking on a vast range of cars. The SILATEX range of lined shoes guarantees excellent brake performance every time.

Designed to complement SILATEX brake pads, the brake shoes bring you superior performance, short stopping distances, high durability and low noise. They feature approved Regulation 90-compliant friction materials that precisely match the braking system of each application. The lined shoes provide frictional compatibility with the front brake pads, to avoid potential hazards such as rear-wheel lockup.

Tested to perfection

We put all our brake parts though extensive dynamometer and on-road trials such as handbrake holding capacity. They guarantee top brake performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Pre-fitted and pre-adjusted kits for your convenience

SILATEX Maxi Kits are designed to save you time during the brake shoe repair. These one-stop-shop kits include an original equipment (OE)-type adjuster with all of the accessories you need. That's shoes, wheel cylinders, springs, bolts, grease and adjuster with everything pre-assembled, ready to go. And to speed things up even further, each kit comes with a detailed fitting instruction leaflet that takes you through the job step by step.

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